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I am currently not teaching yoga, however when I resume I will be sure to let you know. 

The styles I teach are:

Flow slowly with mindfullness taking extra time to check in with both breath & alignment. A moving meditation that focuses on gentle stretching and strengthening to calm your body and mind.  You will leave feeling restored and rejuvinated. Classes involve music, meditation, mantra, mudra & pranayama for a well-rounded practice.



Expect a dynamically structured class focusing on straightening and stretching to enhance your practice. Flow mindfully and meditatively, taking extra time to check in with both breath & alignment. Classes involve music, meditation, mantra, mudra & pranayama for a well-rounded practice.



The pace is slowed right down through a series of long held poses to help lengthen fascia, the deep connective tissue surrounding each muscle.  A great way to improve flexibility, release stress and calm down the nervous system.  Each class includes a balance of pranayama, relaxation and meditation.



Pregnancy is a wonderful time to practice yoga, keeping your body healthy and your mind calm. Classes are offered in a safe and supportive environment with modifications that meet the changing needs of the expectant mother. Explore stretching and strengthening, breath awareness, relaxation and meditation to help prepare you for a calm, confident birth and journey into motherhood. 



The practice of mindfulness meditation involves sitting quietly and comfortably and is about practicing being mindful of whatever arises.  It is not about trying to stop your thoughts nor does it require you to change who you already are.  It is an opportunity to become more present with yourself just as you are, becoming more aware of what is true moment by moment.  By practicing precise, nonjudgmental attention to the details of your experience - body, breath, thoughts and sensations - we practice being able to just be with them, teaching us how to be unconditionally present.