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I have teamed up with my favourite local nutritionist, Shelley Mckenzie to create a podcast to bring you a weekly dose of women's health information. 

Freedom Wellness Podcast is designed to help women live a life full of health, happiness and of course with a little bit of sass. Dr Jess Naughton (Chiropractor) and Shelley McKenzie (Nutritionist) are here to give you the tools you need to girl boss your life and take control. Tune in every week for a sprinkle of inspiration and to hear the people ‘in the know’ interviewed about ways in which you can live your best and healthiest life.


Jess and Shell are passionate about covering the topics that women (and anyone else who is listening) are faced with everyday. After working alongside each other in practice the same topics kept arising with their clients. So these girls became passionate about making sure there are the resources available for women to seek advice and knowledge about the top issues. This is when Freedom Wellness Podcast was born. The girls dive into topics such as body image, the effects of social media, hormone health, fad dieting, stress and more. Their mission is to help you gain control of your health. Learning to live a life of abundance, finding your balance, waking up bursting with energy, forming lasting relationships and most importantly loving yourself from the inside out. We want nothing more than for you to live your happiest most inspired life!

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